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‘The Three Year Glitch. Why getting it right early is the key to start-up success.’

Whether you run a small business or are thinking of starting one up you’ll find this new Intuit report a valuable insight into some of the problems faced by new start-ups.

With feedback from 500 small business owners plus expert advice from leading entrepreneurs such as Paul Lindley, founder of the £30 million turnover ‘Ella’s Kitchen’, the report looks at the early stages you need to address to improve your chances of surviving the first three years.

Download ‘The Three Year Glitch’ right away.

Useful facts

See how it really is. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, on average, one in three new businesses fail in their first three years.

Expert advice

Learn from the experts. “Double your predicted costs and halve your predicted turnover in your business plan.” Robert Welch, founder of smallcarBIGCITY.

Ground rules

Get the early steps to success. Write simple business plans, avoid playing fast and loose with finances, free up time to concentrate on important things.