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QuickBooks security protects your company

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QuickBooks looks after your data - and your business

When you store your accounts in the cloud with QuickBooks Online, keeping them safe is our top priority.

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We give your data the same care as our own

When you use QuickBooks Online, your data is stored on our servers in the cloud. And because we know that data is one of your company's most important assets, we go to great lengths to protect it.

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Automatic backups
Your QuickBooks data is saved to disks in two separate places. Even if one fails, you can keep working. We also backup to a third location, just in case.

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Everything's encrypted
Bank-level encryption protects your figures when they're stored and transferred. This 256-bit encryption means nobody else can read your data.

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Ready and waiting
Because data isn't stored on your own computer or server, you can carry on working even if your laptop gets lost or your server get pinched.

Where we keep your data

Our QuickBooks Online cloud servers are located in a number of data centres. These purpose-built facilities keep the servers connected and secure. (Most internet companies put their important servers in data centres.)

Having several data centres means we can keep QuickBooks running even if there's a problem at one. And unlike some competitors, we own our data centres rather than renting them.

Protection that's tested

Or data centres are protected by tight security. Employees can only access server rooms with a special pass. We use strong firewalls to block hacking attempts and monitor internet connections for suspicious activity.

Our security measures are tested automatically every day, but we also run periodic tests that simulate hacking attempts. These help us find ways to make QuickBooks even safer.

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Own your data

Although QuickBooks Online stores your data on our servers, that data remains your property and under your control. Even our employees can't see it without your permission.

Control your users

It's easy to set different QuickBooks access levels for different members of staff, so they can see the information they need. You can even do the same for your accountant, too.

View your audit trail

It's impossible to turn off the audit trail in QuickBooks Online. And that means you can always see exactly who changed what, when.

Frequently asked questions

Will our accounting figures be shared with anyone?

No. We won't share your accounting figures with any other individuals or organisations, unless you give us permission.

Some QuickBooks Online add ons made by third parties require access to your accounting data. We'll always ask your permission before providing access to add ons.

Can we use QuickBooks without internet access?

You need an internet connection to access QuickBooks Online. If your main office connection has failed, you can keep on working by using an alternative connection.

For instance, you may be able to connect through your smart phone or find a cafe offering a Wi-Fi connection.

What happens to our data if we cancel QuickBooks?

If you decide to cancel during a free trial, we'll delete all your data from our servers immediately. When it's gone, it's gone — so make sure you save any reports you want to keep.

If you're paying for QuickBooks Online, after you cancel we'll give you read-only access. This will last for 365 days, after which we'll delete all your data from our servers.

Can we run our own data backups?

Yes. You can take your own backups by saving all your reports to your computer as Excel spreadsheets. Save the general journal report to get a copy of all your transactions.

We may have found a security problem or issue. What should we do?

If you think you've found an issue in QuickBooks, please send an email to, so our team can investigate.

If you've received a suspicious email that mentions Intuit or have other concerns, please visit our security centre.

Does QuickBooks meet Safe Harbor regulations?

Yes. QuickBooks is fully compliant with both the US-EU and the US-Swiss Safe Harbor frameworks regarding the collection, use and retention of data from the EU and Switzerland.

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It doesn't just protect your financial data. It helps you organise your whole business.

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