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Tradeshift and QuickBooks: better invoicing together

Tradeshift online invoicing software

Easy online invoicing
for QuickBooks

Tradeshift is a free service that connects to QuickBooks Online to provide extra online invoicing and communication tools.

  • Send online invoices to clients that use Tradeshift, or email those that don't.
  • Meet the online invoicing requirements of larger clients.
  • Handle client queries via discussion threads linked to each invoice.
  • Connect with key partners. Over 150,000 businesses use Tradeshift.

Sign up for free invoicing software
(Don't have QuickBooks Online? Grab a free trial, then sign up for Tradeshift.)

How to start using Tradeshift free:

Sign up for Tradeshift

It's easy to get your free Tradeshift account:

1. Visit the Tradeshift website
2. Click Sign up for free
3. Follow the instructions to sign up

Tradeshift will ask you to verify your email address. Once you've done this, you're all set.

Link to QuickBooks

Sign in to Tradeshift, then:

1. Click Apps, then QuickBooks Online
2. Click Activate, then Confirm and activate App
3. Click Connect to QuickBooks
4. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account
5. Click Authorize

Import your customers

To see how Tradeshift works for you, start by importing your QuickBooks customer details:

1. In Tradeshift, click My Apps
2. Click QuickBooks Online
3. Click Import QuickBooks customers
4. Click the green button to confirm the import

Why try Tradeshift?

Simple online invoicing

Reach customers quickly and professionally, reducing invoice errors and payment times.

The number of companies that prefer Tradeshift invoicing is growing fast.

Real-time collaboration

Each invoice has a discussion thread for you and your customer to access and update.

This makes it easy to track and deal with invoice queries without leaving Tradeshift.

A platform for growth

Once you try Tradeshift, you'll appreciate its power to change business for the better.

With 150,000+ companies already on board, you can find and connect with key partners now.